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Overall event experience

“This was my first CPO Exchange and I was incredibly impressed by the whole event.”

“Thanks you so much for putting on the CPO Exchange last week. I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was
pleasantly surprised.”

“The overall event experience (venue, dinner, catering, scheduling) – very good.”

“Great location, food was good and the weather perfect. I’d definitely recommend it to others!”

“I found the format and round-table sessions very useful and informative. The overall event was well received by all and the motivational speakers very useful. Again, thank you!”

“This was my first CPO conference and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The structure of the event allowed the participants to pick and choose topics closer to their hearts. I was so touched with the way catering staff looked after my special dietary requirements. Thank you for the experience”

About the Keynote Sessions

“The keynote speaker sessions – These were different, challenging and stepped people out of the comfort zone – never a bad idea –
even though it feel like it at the time.”

“This was a great initiative to encourage us to look at working in a different way that focuses on the wellbeing of those that work for and around us. It was a different approach and was very refreshing.”

“The keynote speaker sessions were excellent. Most workshop/functions require something immediately to engage the audience, this was aptly supported by the choice of Jacob Galea
who invigorated the crowd immediately. His enthusiasm and energy was a perfect choice to kick start an intense couple of days.”

“All very good sessions. We need to take time out to refresh and renew. This years speakers were all appropriate facilitators who helped us to collectively step back and look at the bigger picture of what was happening around us. Very useful sessions – presented

“I really like them, they inspired me so much. Jacob was good.”

“I thought the keynote speeches were good – especially in that they weren’t just about procurement. Some good thought-provoking stuff.”

About the supplier meetings

“The supplier meetings – good mix of suppliers that met both big and large company needs”

“The supplier meetings weren’t overwhelming, nor were they pushy, but merely wanted to understand our business and provide an overview of what they could potentially offer. They were very relevant and have armed myself with a greater knowledge of what products are about in the market place today.”

“These meetings are very good. They are an “eye opener”. Most of them are what I am looking for.”

“I really liked the supplier meetings in that they weren’t a pure “sell” (I’m not sure if you briefed the suppliers on this point? If so it worked really well!) – I got more out of these meetings than I got out of the ones last year for that reason.”

About the round-table sessions

“Any time you get a group of CPO’s sitting around talking about a topic, it’s bound to be interesting. Having the freedom to go wherever the conversation took us was of great benefit. Everyone participated and everyone took something from each conversation.”

“The round-table sessions had a great array of discussions, there was something for everyone. It provided insights into our profession and the challenges we are all confronted with. There were excellent debates, whilst sharing war stories and knowledge was always at the forefront of every discussion.”

“Some real examples of challenges that CPOs are experiencing right now.”

“The round-table sessions – very good – some may have been improved if we had a general scenario to discuss rather than feeling we were helping 1 person out with their specific issue … but then again the
idea needed to come from somewhere.”