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The Round-table topics below are the final list of topics for the previous CPO Exchange and are simply there to illustrate the kind of topics that get nominated by attending CPO’s. CPO’s will be invited to submit topics for discussion at this Exchange approximately two weeks prior to the event.

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  • Day 1

    Thursday 9th August

  • Join us for an interactive leadership experience like no other. 

    Our session will reveal how you show up as an authentic leader.  Leading companies such as Google, Harvard Business School and Linked In are realising that modern leadership is all about how we use our minds and the quality of relationships we have with others.

    Join the revolution and the emerging movement of authentic leadership.

    Let us elevate you to perform at your best.


  • Procurement Innovation and Agility Fostering a culture of innovation
    - Greater emphasis is being placed on procurement to be innovative, so how can we work to develop our teams and transform them into innovators?
    Paul Bensley, Gallagher

    Policy’s and processes
    - how do we make procurement more agile but still ensure appropriate governance?
    Chris Smith, ISS Facilities

    Round Table

  • Procurements role in driving growth and competitive advantage
    Should CPO’s be concerned about driving economic and employment growth and if
    so, how can CPOs contribute to create ideal conditions for growth?
    Antonio Lamanna, ABB Australia

    Supply chain as a competitive advantage
    – what aspects of your supply chain would or could be considered a competitive edge
    Chris Smith, ISS Facilities

    Round Table

  • Optimizing the procurement team and making it sustainable
    What would be deemed best practice in terms of procurement head count ratio to
    addressable spend?
    Brett Beattie, Opal Aged Care

    How as CPOs can we make procurement outcomes sustainable in terms of
    operational achievements, i.e. Savings, Payment Terms, etc
    Antonio Lamanna, ABB Australia

    Round Table

  • Social Procurement / Indigenous Suppliers – how do we integrate them into our supply chain?
    Additional questions along similar lines:
    • What would be key factors to consider in a business case for a buyer
    to adopt RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan)? (William Yip, JLL)
    • What value are we creating through social procurement, for whom, and how
    do we measure and communicate it? (Camillo De Grazia, Vicinity)
    Chair: Lynn Penny, Mirvac

    Round Table

  • How many times have you been asked what you do for work and been met with a completely blank face when you say ‘procurement’? How often do you meet a young person who woke up one day and thought, “I’m going to pursue a career in procurement”?

    Procurement needs to raise its profile and become a sexy career choice to compete with better established organisational functions to attract the best young and tech-savvy talent, who may not even know what procurement is. By 2025 it is estimated that over 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials. It’s critical to understand how things will change in regards to how we work and engage with our jobs. As we start seeing Gen Z enter the workplace, four different generations will work together for the first time. Whilst this may sound like the distant future, it’s only 7 years away. In this session we will hear from a smart, tech-savvy millennial supply chain professional her forthright views on how you can attract the best of the best new talent into your procurement team, and then what strategies work best for maintaining engagement with this younger workforce to extract the maximum value from them.


  • Day 2

    Friday 10th August

  • The most critical value creation processes in nearly all organisations are cross-functional in nature.  Yet, few companies get it right. Trust levels between different departments or functions are frighteningly low. 

    The good news is that procurement is best placed to lead the way and model the right cross-team behaviours.  

    The bad news is that according to research by the Council Executive Board, procurement is often perceived as being a roadblock that slows down business decision-making.   In fact, many departments prefer to work around procurement than work with them. 

    As a procurement leader, one of your most important tasks is to break through procurement’s negative image and gain the trust of your peers, thereby driving greater cross-functional capability. 

    In this presentation and subsequent round-table discussion you will examine: 

    1. Key low trust indicators that are sabotaging your organisation.
    2. How the brain impacts our ability to trust others.
    3. 5 essential building blocks to build organisational trust. 

    You will walk away with a new lens from which to view your organisation and have the ability to learn from your colleagues.


  • Procurement Technology and Big Data When will the revolution happen?
    - Vendors seem to move forward in small steps when in other areas of software
    development, whole new industries have been created or old ones destroyed by the
    release of an App.
    Neil Scothern, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Driving value from data 
    - Many organisations are data rich but how can we transform this clunky data into useable tools that can be used to drive value into our organisations?
    Paul Bensley, Gallagher

    Round Table

  • Procurement Consultants and Buying Consulting Services Procurement Consultants
    – where and how do they add value?
    Brett Beattie, Opal Aged Care

    Buying Consulting Services
    - what approaches have been taken in other business to tackle this spend. Whether they
    have failed or succeeded and what lessons people have learned?
    Neil Scothern, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Round Table

  • How do we plan and prioritise future procurement activities?
    What tools are CPO’s using to track contracts and how is this integrated into procurement forward planning to ensure the optimal market approach?
    Henry Rodriguez, Swisse

    Round Table

  • Managing our Stakeholders “Shadow Supplier Arrangements”
    - There are always people that believe they can do things more efficiently and effectively by bypassing the procurement teams and their processes. How do we combat them?
    Greg Heise, Harvey Norman

    How as CPOs can we develop the best stakeholder environment to succeed in executing our strategy?
    Antonio Lamanna, ABB Australia

    Round Table

  • What have we learned and what are we going to do with it?

    A recap of the keynote sessions and round-tables, identifying the main take-aways and
    gaining commitment from participants to carry through on what they have planned