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Examples from previous event

The Round-table topics below are the final list of topics for a previous CPO Exchange and are simply there to
illustrate the kind of topics that get nominated by attending CPO’s. CPO’s will be invited to submit topics for
discussion at this Exchange approximately two weeks prior to the event

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  • Day 1

    Thursday 15th August

  • Explanation of proceedings

  • This session will explore lean-agile procurement and the difference of this approach compared to traditional procurement methodologies. We will explore how lean-agile principles can be applied to sourcing projects to deliver greater value to your customers and a better return on investment. The lean-agile approach brings stakeholders and suppliers on the journey together, reducing delivery times of sourcing projects from months to weeks (or even days). Through case studies and examples, we will discuss why lean-agile procurement is different from traditional procurement and when it might be appropriate to use it.

  • To test the market…or not?
    You have a long time supplier, who is providing strong services, How do you balance the need to ‘test the market’, against reliable continuity? How do you drive fresh services or ideas without testing the market?

    Round Table

  • Agile Procurement
    Agile Procurement – is procurement an appropriate function to achieve the benefits of Agile work practices?
    What are the best methodologies to procure and conduct under an “agile” principle approach (Discovery/Design and co-contribution), while ensuring capture on contractual requirements and accountability of service delivery/provision/project success?

    Round Table

  • Performance Measurement
    What KPI’s are participants being measured against? Procurement will usually measure benefits/savings and spend under management, but are people measuring anything else and do they have input into the targets? Or are the targets set for them?
    Are people measuring value-add or non-financial measures? And if so, what are they and are they quantifiable?

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  • Contract Management Systems
    How are participants managing their contracts? Are any members using end to end contract management systems, or just the contract and data analytics elements? What are the pros and cons?

    Round Table

  • Do you ever feel that there’s more information to communicate to your stakeholders than ever before? And sometimes your emails aren’t read? Or they’re just ignored or misinterpreted? We are told to keep the communications short because people are too busy to read our emails. Unfortunately, there’s more changes, regulations, requirements, policies and processes to communicate today and as a result, things get missed and our jobs are made even tougher. How do you say less but add more value? How do we get our messages across to our stakeholders, quickly and succinctly? Or perhaps you need to shift perceptions and attitudes towards procurement. If you think an email is enough, think again. It is one thing to be an expert in your specific area, but it is quite another to communicate your expertise to others and get them to do what you need them to do. Striking the right balance between keeping your audience interested, while remaining true to your information, is a huge challenge. In other words, persuading your audience to do what you need them to do is hard. Louise will share with you two techniques that will help you declutter your communication so that you target your audience the first time.

  • Day 2

    Friday 16th August

  • When we write, most of us start by opening a blank email, Word document or PowerPoint presentation. We write down our points that we want the audience to know, cut and paste the ideas to create a structure, then we send off what we want to say to our audience. Unfortunately, these communications often aren’t what readers want to read. This masterclass will explore the communication techniques explained at the end of day 1, so that your emails and other communications are read, and understood, the first time. This practical session will help you: • Get to the heart of your communication quickly and accurately • Map out the architecture of a compelling argument to address your audience’s key concerns • Collaborate with colleagues to ensure that all voices are heard, and that the integrity of the argument is respected

  • Managing Virtual Procurement Teams
    How do you organize and optimize a virtual team, either domestically or internationally?
    What tools are in the marketplace that are really tailored for Virtual Procurement Communities, that really serves the professional procurements teams projects, tasks, updates etc?

    Round Table

  • How do we prepare for the Modern Slavery Act?

    Round Table

  • Driving enterprise-wide procurement
    How do we drive Enterprise focused procurement of similar/like services, rather than each business unit/division taking a “not care” about others similar needs?

    Round Table

  • Procurement’s impact on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)
    What impact should procurement have on your organisations Environment, Social and Governance strategies?

    Round Table