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There are limited partner positions available for the CPO Exchange. This is in keeping with the exclusive and intimate atmosphere that we wish to create around this event. As an Exchange Partner you receive:

• Between 12-20 half-hour meetings with CPOs, during which you will discuss how your business may be able to help their Capturebusiness (how many meetings you get will be determined to some extent by how well you utilise the meetings arranging software)
• A dedicated meeting space for your private meetings
• The opportunity to build relationships in relaxed environment with the other CPOs who don’t nominate formal meetings with you
• The ability to nominate target lists of CPOs that you would like PASA to invite to the event (the earlier you sign up, the more likely that we are able to secure commitment from your targets)
• 2 x Tickets to the entire event for your own staff, including all meals and accommodation
• Attendance at the keynote sessions on the programme
• Attendance at the 4 x networking functions with CPOs, including two lunches, the breakfast and the dinner

To secure your partner position and increase the likelihood that your nominated prospects will receive early invitations please contact:

Vanessa Preece
T. 0490 803 313


About the CPO Exchange

The 1st PASA CPO Exchange was run in March 2014 to provide an exclusive group of CPO’s/Heads of Procurement with two days of high quality learning, sharing and networking.  Since that first event, we have run nine subsequent CPO Exchanges. Feedback from both CPO’s and Sponsor Partners to these events has been almost universally positive, testified to by the number of both who have participated in multiple subsequent events.

From the outset we have maintained the Exchanges as exclusive events, with a maximum of 12 sponsoring partners and 30 CPO’s. This usually means approximately 50 total attendees at the event. The combination of the exclusive numbers and the fantastic location for the event delivers a better networking and relationship-building experience than any other procurement event in the ANZ region.


If you want to:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Understand your prospective customers needs

And your primary audience would be procurement leaders; then the CPO Exchange is for you.

Unlike more traditional conferences, where you hope for a quick chat with prospects at your exhibition booth or table, the CPO Exchange provides you with plenty of time to explore opportunities with CPO’s/Heads of Procurement.

The CPO Exchange is conducted using the ‘hosted buyer’ model, whereby CPOs/Heads of Procurement attend the event free of charge, on the proviso that they commit to a number of pre-scheduled, half-hour meetings with sponsoring partners.

The schedule has sixteen (16) half-hour meeting slots built into it over the two days. Most sponsors will fill all of these meeting slots and many will also end up doing additional meetings during refreshment breaks.

The meetings are scheduled in the last few days before the Exchange, using an online meetings scheduling app. The app allows sponsors to invite CPO’s to meet, and vice-versa. It then enables effective scheduling of those meetings.

On top of your scheduled meetings, you will also have quality networking time with all participants during the plenary sessions, refreshment breaks and at the conference dinner on the middle night.

No other event provides the same level of quality time with Heads of Procurement as sponsors get at the PASA CPO Exchange.