Conference Day One – Thursday 17th August 

9.00am: Registration

10.00am: Welcome from Chair

Explanation of proceedings

Nigel Wardropper, Managing Director, PASA

10.05am: Super Networking

The CPO Exchange provides the best networking opportunity of any event. This super networking session kicks the process off early.

10.30am: Keynote 1: Why Procurement Often Fails to Engage the C-suite and What It Can Do About IT

If I could have a dollar for every time I have heard that the C-suite doesn’t understand the modern procurement value proposition, I would be a wealthy man. But perhaps the problem is one of communication. Are we speaking the same language? Drawing on his experience of engaging with CEO’s and CFO’s, from whom he is dependent to obtain work, Enrico will explore where and why procurement struggles with this and what it can do about it.

Nigel Andrade,  A.T. Kearney

11.15pm: Break to turn sessions around

Round Tables

11.20pm: Round Table Session 1

Round Table 1

How does procurement drive greater engagement with the C-suite?

Following on from Enrico’s presentation, this round-table will explore the issues raised.

Sam Lewis

Partner Meetings

11.20am-11.50pm Meeting 1

11.50am-12.20pm Meeting 2

12.20pm: Lunch

Round Table 2

Agile Procurement – just a buzzword or something new?

What do we mean by agile procurement or procurement agility and why is it becoming increasingly important? How do we become more agile and what benefits are we looking to deliver through greater agility?

Stuart Bird, Procurement Manager, Watercare


1.20pm-1.50pm Meeting 3

1.50pm-2.20pm Meeting 4

2.20pm: Break to turn sessions around

2.25pm: Round Table 3

What is the role of the CPO in driving CSR initiatives?

Social procurement, indigenous supply and other CSR related initiatives are increasingly coming on to the CPO agenda. What are organisations doing in this space and what do they see their role as CPO as being in driving or delivering these initiatives?

Ian Rudgley, Procurement Manager, City of Sydney


2.25pm-2.55pm Meeting 5

2.55pm-3.25pm Meeting 6

3.25pm: Refreshments

3.55pm: Round Table 4a

How do we find and develop the best talent?

A perennial question, but where do we find people who are ‘fit for purpose’? Do we look inside or outside procurement? How do we develop our people – through formal mentoring programmes or peer-to-peer networking programmes, or other more traditional training and education routes?

Hannah Bodilly, Head Strategic Sourcing, BOQ

Round Table 4b

How do we fit square pegs into round holes?

How do we set a team up to do tasks that aren’t specifically in line with a position description/title/role? How do people allocate non BAU initiatives within their group without conducting a formal restructure?

Stephen Kehoe, Head of Procurement, Queensland Rail

3.55pm-4.25pm Meeting 5

4.25pm-4.55pm Meeting 6

4.55pm: Break to switch back to full plenary

5.00pm: Keynote 2: Optimizing Use of Resources to Drive Procurement Effectiveness

Are you using all of the resources at your disposal as effectively as possible? The focus tends to be on internal resources, but what about the world of consultants? Do you see them as a threat or an opportunity? In this session Sue will challenge traditional thinking in relation to consultants, exploring how you can utilise external resources to drive greater effectiveness.
Sue Woodall, Principal, Paradigm 2 Consulting Services


5.45pm: Free time

6.45pm: Cocktails

7.45pm-10.30pm: The CPO Exchange Dinner

An opportunity to unwind with your peers and be amused, amazed and intrigued by our special guest entertainer





 Conference Day Two – Friday 18th August 

*Attending CPO’s will be contacted a few weeks prior to the event to nominate topics that they would like to address during the round-table sessions.

7.15am: Networking Breakfast

8.30am: Keynote 3: The Dynamics of Trust and How it Plays out in Buyer Supplier Relationships

“Without trust you won’t share, if you don’t share you can’t collaborate, and if you don’t collaborate you can’t innovate”. Driving innovation with our suppliers is now one of the key challenges facing procurement leaders. But many are struggling with it. In this interactive session, Robert will explore the factors that contribute to high performance cultures in buyer supplier relationships and the concept of Adaptive Leadership, equipping you to better understand the organisational dynamics at play and how to drive better outcomes.

Robert Pease, Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management Coach, Organisational Performance Consultant

Round Tables

9.15am: Round Table 5

How do we develop a genuine and effective SRM programme?

How do we develop a programme that provides strategic direction, builds partnership and unlocks innovation, as opposed to being a glorified contract management programme?

Mark Jones, GM Strategic Procurement, Transport for NSW

Partner Meetings 

9.15am-9.45am Meeting 9

9.45am-10.15am Meeting 10

10.15am: Refreshments

10.45am: Round table 6

Innovation –How do we quantify or measure it?

How do people score/evaluate innovation in a tender? Do they allocate a scoring percentage to it and if so, how do you actually quantify it as it may be quite subjective. Or does it sit outside of an evaluation?

Stephen Kehoe, Head of Procurement, Queensland Rail

10.45am-11.15am Meeting 11

11.15am-11.450am Meeting 12

11.45am: Break to switch between round-tables & Partner Meetings

11.50pm: Round table 7

Measuring and using stakeholder feedback?

Stakeholder surveys to measure procurement effectiveness are now fairly common, but how do you frame the questions and how do you use this feedback to shape procurement effectiveness?

Tabrez Dean, Head of Procurement, Frucor Suntory

11.50am-12.20pm Meeting 13

12.20pm-12.50pm Meeting 14

12.50pm: Buffet Lunch

1.30pm: Round table 8

Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

How is procurement responding to this requirement from customers and consumers? What are the frameworks and guidelines organisations have put in place and what are some of the watch-outs and pitfalls?

Tabrez Dean, Head of Procurement, Frucor Suntory

How do we ensure our supply chains are free of fraud and corruption?

Hannah Bodilly, Head Strategic Sourcing, BOQ

1.30pm-2.00pm Meeting 15

2.00pm-2.30pm Meeting 16

2.30pm: Refreshments

2.45pm: Closing Keynote

What have we learned and what are we going to do with it?

A recap of the keynote sessions and round-tables, identifying the main take-aways and gaining commitment from participants to carry through on what they have planned.

Nigel Wardropper, Managing Director, PASA

3.30pm: Close of CPO Exchange

4.00pm: Bus departs for Airport